Quiz Time!!!

Okay guys Quam1992 made up a little quiz for you to find out what kind celebrity you would be okay? So remember not to scroll to the bottom untill you have finished the quiz

1. If you don't get attention you...Edit

  1. Cry and beg for attention
  2. Be glad you have peace

2. When you are asked to help you...Edit

  1. Uh hello, you're only there to be the beautiful you!
  2. Do it, it's nice to help others

3. When you win a competion you...Edit

  1. Throw it the other persons face it's their falt they lost
  2. Say thank you to the person who gives you the prize

4. You hate it when people...Edit

  1. Forget to say how good you look
  2. Forget their manners

5. Your ideal perfect date would be...Edit

  1. An expensive restruant with your date teliing you how good you look
  2. A walk along the beach


Mostly number 1'sEdit

Quiz taylor swift
Like Taylor Swift you can be a bit of a bitch, but you don't mind you set out for agoal and you don't stop until you reach it. Even though you have your pretty face, you still like to hear the sound of your own voice and the voice of others, reassuring you that you are beuatiful of course! A little make-up and fancy dress doesn't hurt anyone like you, because you're the one that does it

Advice for youEdit

Okay, so you really might want to be a little less mean and self-centered life is like a game, so we have to play fairly, there are rules in almost every game.

Mostly number 2'sEdit

Jessie J
Like Jessie J you have an attitude for grattitude you like to get presents and you always remember to say please or thank you, being a nice person is one of the best things for a human being to you and you don't want anyone to get you down so secretly you get what you want, but you don't cheat lie or steal, you just get along in life and deal with the resources you have


Stick to doing what you're doing and keep going forward let no-one get you down.