Dianna's Redcarpet LookEdit

Embrace the lace


Okay, in the photo you see beside me you will see that Dianna Agron knows how to embrace the lace. First of all little dresses like these are so pretty and elegant, the have that old fashioned classy look but they are fabulous and modern at the same time it's like wonder dress here I come! I know that the dresses Dianna Agron wears are very expensive, but it's the flawless look so local clothes shops will be wanting to ship this in!


As you can see it does not matter what colour you want, this kind of thing just instantly works. Miss. Agron has worn one in navy blue, one in green and one in black and white, this is flawless for going to a school disco, prom or even just a party.

Hair and Make-upEdit

With your hair you don't have to do much, in the first outfit you can see she has staightened it and then pulled the front up easy as girls! In the other two she has just staightened her hair and do you know what? It looks absolutely fabulous

There is a fabulous hint when it comes to make-up and that is LESS IS MORE GIRLS! One of the reasons that these outfits are so classy is because Dianna does not over do it and I bet shes glad. When it comes to good make-up all you have to do is put on a little blusher (shade of your choice) and brush it gently from the apple of your cheek to the corner of your eye remember gently, a little bit of lip gloss/stick again with the colour of your choice, some eyeshadow and some perfume. Follow these instructions and you'll have that lovely chic Dianna Agron style for your next party!

Love Quam1992

Tell me what you think of the look.