The wood testEdit

Okay, so yo might not like these quizzes but to add fun to the wiki I thought I would show you them so here we go.

Imagine yourself alone in a forest, you spot a house in the distance with a window on the front door, what shape is that window?

A. Round

B. Square?

What's your first instinct?

A. Knock on the door and wait

B. Go right in

C. Carry on walking?

Now imagine that you DO go into the house

1. There are 20 candles and some matches in the hallway - how many do you light up?

2. There are some stools gathered round a table in the kitchen - how many do you see?

3. On the table is a glass jug of water - how full is it?

4. You go up the stairs and find a childs bedroom. What colour are the bed sheets?

5. How many teddy bears are there on the bed?

6. You hear someone shouting your name - are they angry or glad to see you?


round means your flexible

square means you can be stubborn

A. you are considerate towards others

B. you often rush into things

C. you are waryof new experiences

  1. the more you light the more generous you are
  2. this shows how sociable you are the more the merrier
  3. this is how affectionate you are with family and friends
  4. this is a good calming colour for you
  5. this is how many real true friends you have
  6. if they are angry then you can be quite a negative person, however if they are happy to see you then you are supposed to be a positive person.